General Information

Registration onto the PetroSA Supplier Database has now got a new look and feel. In an effort to make the registration process simpler and faster, Suppliers will now facilitate their own registration and manage their own details.

Note that this portal is your gateway to doing business with PetroSA. All tenders and quotations are done via our eProcurement system. In order to view, access or submit tenders / quotes you need to go to and Login.

Note : You will be able to view, access tenders or submit quotes/tenders if you are registered online.

To register go to

Note : If you have a ZAH number or receiving email notifications from PetroSA Procurement you are already registered, please go to and login or call the contact center to obtain your login details. DO NOT register again.

Registration will be a two phased approach.

  • Phase 1:

    Phase 1 requires you to register on the PetroSA Procurement Portal. On successful registration onto this portal you will receive an e-mail that will contain the following details:

    Username: ZAH...
    User Code: ZAH...

  • Phase 2:

    Phase 2 requires you to register on to the PetroSA Supplier Database by logging on to the portal using the above details and completing all the Supplier Registration fields of information required and uploading all your supporting documentation for final approval as a supplier to PetroSA.

You can download the HOW TO document to assist you with your registration.

So go on, REGISTER NOW and enter a whole new world of a business to business facilitation portal that brings both our buying and supplier communities together.

Note : You will only be able to view or access tenders / quotes if you have completed the second phase of your registration and will only be able to submit tenders / quotes if you are in an "approved" or "provisionally approved due diligence pending" status.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact:

Queries Contact Person Telephone Email Address
Existing Registration - Supplier queries, Updating / Completing supplier registration PetroSA Supplier Database Call Centre

021 928 4731
Technical Problems – e.g. Access or login problems Intenda: Helpdesk 012 663 8815